ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) — Daniel Grindstaff, born and raised in Elizabethton, recently announced he would be releasing his own version of Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young” featuring bluegrass musician Paul Brewster and country music legend Dolly Parton.

Grindstaff met Brewster during his time at the Grand Ole Opry and knew he wanted him to work on this project. The plan for the song was for Brewster to do the main vocals, but Brewster suggested that the song also needed female vocals, which led Grindstaff to Parton.

“He called me after he was working on it, and he said, ‘There needs to be a female singer on this. I think what your thoughts about that?” said Grindstaff. “He said, ‘It really needs Dolly’. I said, ‘Every song needs Dolly. There’s not a song out there that doesn’t need Dolly.’ But he put me in contact with some folks that played it for her, and she agreed to sing on it.”

Grindstaff started his music career working with musicians such as Jim & Jesse McReynolds, The Osbourne Brothers, and the band Shenandoah.

Grindstaff decided to take a step back from traveling to focus more time on his family. He said his kids are a big inspiration as to why he chose to re-record the Stewart classic.

“When our oldest son Finn came along 10 years ago, the song kind of brought on a new meaning,” said Grindstaff. “It’s about childhood and overcoming adversity and leaning on the good times.”

Grindstaff hopes those who listen to the song will find a sense of encouragement.

“Life’s full of hills and valleys, and people need things [that are] encouraging, and this song’s very encouraging,” said Grindstaff.

The song will be available for streaming beginning July 25.