Local mom credits Kingsport school nurse with saving her daughter’s life


A Tri-Cities mom is crediting the quick actions of a school nurse with saving her daughter’s life.

It happened last week at Robinson Middle School in Kingsport. A school nurse there administered an epinephrine injection, after an eighth grade student, Daysia Sellers, had a severe allergic reaction.

Wednesday, Sellers said she’s doing better, after a pretty scary day at school last week, when she said her throat started to itch and swell. It’s a reaction that she says she’s never experienced before, and one that prompted some quick action by the school’s nurse.

“Is the medicine going to kick in in enough time? Is the itching going to stop?” Those were some of the things running through 14-year-old Daysia Sellers’ mind when she had a severe allergic reaction at her school, a few minutes after she said she ate a donut in the cafeteria.

“It started like itching and swelling and it wasn’t getting any better,” Sellers said.

The school nurse gave her some Benadryl, but when that didn’t seem to work, the nurse thought fast – administering an epi pen.

“The swelling probably would have continued should she not have had the epinephrine,” said school nurse, Suzanne Marshall.

It’s something Daysia’s mom Angela Braan says shes incredibly thankful for.

“She was able to recognize the symptoms, because had she been in the car with me, I probably would have thought your throats itching, I’ll give you Benadryl and send you to school. I would not have known the symptoms to look for,” Braan said.

Braan praised the school nurse. “She saved my daughters life,” the mom said.

Daysia is thanking nurse Marshall, too.

“I’m really glad she was there to calm me down and get my mind off of it,” Sellers said.

Still, Marshall is humbly shaking off the accolades, and says she was just doing her job.

“Whatever happens medically, that’s what I’m here for,” the nurse said.

Daysia says she still doesn’t know what she’s allergic to. She’ll do some allergy tests soon, to figure that out. Still, she does now have several epi pens for herself and her mom to have on hand in case something like this happens again.

Kingsport City Schools have epi pens stocked in their schools thanks to the Epi Pens for Schools Program. It’s one of those extra stock epi pens that nurse Marshall used last week.

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