GRAY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Staff at Gray City Guns and Pawn are continuing with business as usual one day after President Joe Biden announced an executive order on gun control.

“It’s just a lot of talk,” Manager Kelly White told News Channel 11.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced an executive order with the aim of increasing background checks and reducing gun violence.

Gun vendors like pawn shops and weapons stores are already required to run background checks, however, Biden directed the attorney general to crack down on gun sellers who opt out of the required checks.

White said she isn’t worried about coming under scrutiny.

“We already performed background so on every individual that comes through here,” said White. “When a customer comes in my store, I find out why is he wanting a gun, what’s he gonna do with it, who’s gonna have access to it? I eliminate the possibilities of this gun being in the wrong hands or falling into the wrong hands.”

White said though she supports background checks, she isn’t sure Biden will achieve his goal of reducing gun violence.

“The only thing [executive orders] like this does is make it harder for an honest man to get a gun, criminals do not fear the law nor jury,” White said.

In fact, White told News Channel 11 that announcements like Biden’s may increase her sales.

“If anything legislation does for a gun owner, is make them want more,” White said.

Biden also instructed federal agencies to conduct more public outreach on “red-flag laws, “so more parents, teachers police officers, health providers, and teachers know how to flag for the court that someone is exhibiting violent tendencies, threatening classmates or experiencing suicidal thoughts that make them a danger to themselves and temporarily remove that person’s access to firearms.”