CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – While local fire departments host their annual fireworks fundraisers, they’re also reminding people who buy just how important practicing safety is when using them.

They hand out safety flyers out every year because they know first hand when a fire breaks out the damage it can do. Everything from following the directions on the fireworks box meticulously, to checking where they’re legal is recommended.

“Just make sure it’s not against any of your city ordinance or state laws where you shoot the fireworks,” Watauga Volunteer firefighter John Grindstaff said.

Even fireworks tents not affiliated with a fire department still try to emphasize the importance of fireworks safety. Checking the weather before shooting them is a must.

“Make sure that it’s not completely dry so you’re not catching fire,” Latasha Fridley, manager of Uncle Sam’s 500 Grams Fireworks said. “Don’t point nothing at no one. Just try to be as responsible as you possibly can.”

Fridley said smoking anywhere near them is a major fire hazard. Of course, adults always need to be around when setting them off.

“Kids, you know they need to be with their parents,” Assistant Chief of Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire Ken Arnold said. “Definitely don’t be around them while they’re going off and especially little kids.”

Lastly, if something does go awry local firefighters will be just a call away.

For more information on the fireworks fundraisers, visit Watauga Volunteer Fire or Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire on Facebook.