CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – While some are choosing to stay closer to home this summer due to high gas prices, even the activities in our region are being hit by inflation.

David Sell and his family love boating and have been members at Lakeshore Marina for about fifteen years, but he said he’s seen a major change recently out on the waters.

“Fuel at the docks has always been typically higher than normal prices, but since we’ve had these gas price increases, it’s a lot more than it generally is,” Sell said. “So, we try to limit our time sometimes and try not to go out as far, mainly just sit and enjoy.”

Fuel isn’t the only boating essential that’s been hit, motors are also hard to come by, and boat parts cost more than ever due to supply chain issues and higher demand for the outdoors.

“A lot more boaters, especially since the pandemic started,” boater James Sbrizzi said.

Some lake goers said that’s why they’re choosing to rent instead of buy their own boat.

“Where we’ve been able to do a boat club, it’s been a really great opportunity for us because we have been able to skirt some of those higher prices that have to do with boat ownership,” boater Pamela McCown said.

Lakegoers said the high fuel prices won’t be enough to keep them away – at least not yet.

“If you enjoy boating you just have to grin and bear it and pay the price,” Sbrizzi said.