GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — A Greene County father is saying goodbye to his son far sooner than ever expected.

10-month-old Kade Paris was pronounced dead last Thursday. The Greene County Sheriff’s Office is currently leading the death investigation. Greene County Sheriff Wesley Holt sent News Channel 11 this statement regarding the case:

“At this time this is still an ongoing investigation. Our findings when complete will be presented to the district attorney general and the grand jury. No arrests have been made at this time. Since this report concerns a baby and this is an ongoing investigation no report will be released at this time.”

-Sheriff Wesley Holt

News Channel 11 reached out to the Greene County district attorney’s office as well as the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in regards to their involvement in the case. TBI officials said, “As of this (Monday) morning, we’ve not received a request from the District Attorney General to assist with the investigation.”

Officials with the district attorney’s office told News Channel 11 they are aware of the investigation and are working closely with law enforcement.

With an infant dead and no incident report released or arrests made, family members just want answers as to why this child was taken from the world far before his time.

Jack Paris, Kade’s father, is mourning the loss of his only son. He said he received the news from Kade’s mother over the phone on Thursday evening.

“I dropped the phone and I pretty much curled up in a corner and I was crying,” said Jack Paris.

The emotions are still running high days after the initial news. Roger Paris, Kade’s grandfather said the news of losing Kade reminded him all too much of the Evelyn Boswell case.

“The first thing I thought about was that baby Evelyn case because when I had seen that, I thought I hope I never have to go through that and my family doesn’t. The emotions were just shocked. I’m still shocked,” said Roger Paris.

On June 18th, Kade would’ve been a year old. His father said he was a fun-loving child and never really cried. “He’d always smile. Always had a loving and caring personality for everybody and he quickly got attached to people,” Jack Paris said.

Kade’s impact on the community was clear following a vigil held in his memory Sunday night at Veterans Memorial Park in Greeneville. People came out and honored the late infant.

While still in the mourning process, the entire family is demanding answers as to what happened to baby Kade. “Right now, the only thing I really want is just justice for my son and to figure out what all happened and what all is going to happen,” said Jack Paris. “Little babies should not die, they should have a chance,” said Jack’s Fiance, Shellie Gaddis.

Kade’s grandfather said he would like to see whoever is responsible for Kade’s death arrested. He also wants to remind the public to hold your loved ones close while you still can.

“Please watch your kids and love them because they’re still alive and you just never know what’s going to happen,” said Roger Paris.

As of right now, funeral plans are in the works but there is no telling when an official service will take place seeing as the family is still awaiting the return of an autopsy report.

When a funeral does take place, Jack and Roger Paris said it will most likely be private and closed to only family and close friends.

Gaddis and Jack Paris said they have plans to hold another vigil for Kade on Saturday from 3 to 6 p.m. at Hardin Park in Greeneville.

News Channel 11 also reached out to Kade’s mother for comment on the investigation and she has yet to return comment on the matter.