SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – It has been two years since Lakeway Christian Schools from Morristown first opened by the Tri-Cities Airport, taking over for the failing Tri-Cities Christian School. Under Lakeway, the new school became the Tri-Cities Christian Academy. The move north from Hamblen County positioned Lakeway for more growth.

It did not take long after the move for the school to start making plans to expand its Christian-centered education opportunities in the area. School leadership began building a new school near Tri-Cities Crossing.

“Our long-term plan was to have the large campus for middle school and high school there,” said Bob Brown, Executive Director of Lakeway Christian Schools.

While building and long-term planning for one school and operating a new school, Lakeway Schools took advantage of two more opportunities they found to meet their growing needs.

The first opportunity was to purchase a church and convert it into Boones Creek Christian Academy. This was for kindergarten through 2nd grade, and Brown says it was needed for immediate growth.

“There are a lot of families that want to send their kids to receive this kind of Christian education in a safe environment,” Brown said. “An environment that’s going to talk with kids about who they are and where they are and to help them to grow.”

The second opportunity came when Colonial Heights Middle School closed its doors for good in May 2021. The school became available to purchase, and Lakeway put in the highest bid in an auction held Monday. Sullivan County could potentially approve the purchase by mid-October.

“We want to have room to grow over these next few years of construction. Our long-term plan is to have Colonial Heights be our elementary school; to have a Pre-K or younger Elementary School at Boones Creek; and then to have our 6-12 grade at the new facility off exit 56 (Tri-Cities Crossing),” said Brown.

If plans work out, the private Christian academy with just two years in the Tri-Cities will soon have four sites from which to operate schools. Brown said that the airport location, their first location, does not have long-term plans. That will leave the school with three locations.