A kitten rescued by Tri-Cities firefighters has found it’s forever home with the widow of a fallen firefighter.

The Sullivan County Volunteer Fire Department posted photos to their Facebook page of Lucky, the kitten rescued from inside a car Tuesday night. 

Lucky was adopted by the family of Christopher Brooks, a Sullivan County volunteer firefighter who died in a motorcycle crash in May. 

Assistant Chief Josh Kemp of Sullivan County Volunteer Fire Department said the call for Lucky came in around 6 p.m. Tuesday night. 

“Every time we would get close it would run away from us, so after about 45 minutes of chasing the cat around the engine compartment of the car, we just grabbed her,” Kemp said. “We named her Lucky. We feel that she was a pretty lucky cat”

Brooks said Lucky is a piece of happiness for her family.

“The kids are pretty excited,” Brooks said. “I didn’t know we would be bringing her home a couple of hours later, but they asked us if we wanted her and with my husband passing away, the kids are having a hard time. I figured if I gave them that it would be a little thing to keep their mind off of what’s going on.”

Brooks said after the tragic death of her husband, Christopher, her kids have had a hard time adjusting. She said Lucky is special to them and gives her kids something to hold on to.

“My husband was part of the fire department so it’s a little piece of home,” Brooks said.