JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – The kitten café tour, coordinated by Meow Events, made another stop in Johnson City on Sunday.

The event was held at The Philosopher’s House in downtown Johnson City, and featured kittens from Operation Johnson Kitty, all up for adoption.

Reservations for the event could be made for $15, allowing participants to spend an hour playing with the cats. The proceeds from the event go towards local non-profits for spay and neuter funding.

Cara Kestner, owner of Meow Events, said the goal of the pop-up cafés is to help relieve the stress of those non-profits.

“It’s really exciting because, as you know, my intent is to help everyone in the region with the Kitten Overpopulation program,” Kestner said. “So I’m doing the tour and going to all different towns and inviting different nonprofits because everybody’s really overwhelmed right now and everybody needs money to help spay and neuter.”

Kestner said the events have seen positive feedback from the community.

“A lot of the people to come and the demographic of the kitten tour is people that can’t have cats because somebody in their home is allergic or they rent or, you know, maybe they’ve got animals and they’re just not ready to commit to another one,” Kestner said. “But everybody wants a kitten fix, you know? So it’s a way that you can come play with them and your serotonin just instantly, you know, they see you get really happy. And of course, you know, all of it goes towards a good cause”

The kitten café tour will make a stop at The Philosopher’s house every month on the last Sunday.