KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – A Kingsport mother of four walked out in her driveway to find two domesticated ducks.

Once Jasmine Martin confirmed the ducks were domesticated she knew that she had to take them under her wing as they likely wouldn’t survive out in the wild.

Martin does not own a vehicle so she walked 20 minutes to the closest Wal-Mart to buy some birdseed, and then carried the 20-pound bag of food all the way back to her home.

Duck Rescuer Jasmine Martin said, “I mean who has ducks that just come up to them? My kids were very excited and we sat out there I made them stay back by the door but they got to watch them walk around and quack. They thought it was really cool though.”

After making several calls, she was finally able to make living arrangements for the pair of ducks at Dashing Duckling Farm in Jonesborough.

The owner of Dashing Duckling Farm Alex Sargsyan was impressed by the lengths Martin went to to help the ducks saying, “She got 20-pound bag of bird seed and carried it in her backpack. I felt bad but I also was moved, and it really tells a lot somebody who is really such a caring person.”

The owners say that Dashing Duckling Farm produces eggs. It’s a “no-kill” farm where animals are free to live a safe and happy life.