KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Ropes courses, playing park ranger, splashing about – these are among the duties summertime Kingsport employees would have to fulfill every day. The problem is the city is struggling to find people to work at Bays Mountain and the Kingsport Aquatic Center.

For younger people looking for a summer job, Kingsport is looking to hire counselors at Bays Mountain Park, and lifeguards at the KAC.

Bays Mountain Park

High school and college-aged students are sought to be counselors for the Bays Mountain Park summer camp program. It will be a 40-hour week position and run from late May to early August.

Officials said some weekend and evening work will be required.

“Day camp counselors basically get to teach those children about nature and show them around the park and hopefully open their eyes to what it means to be a nature preserve in a park, so we can feel that in them at a young age,” said program coordinator Tyler Wicks.

There are two types of counselors: junior and senior.

Junior counselors would be required to be at least a high school senior or in college. Their major course of study should be in natural history or a related field. An overall academic score of above a C+ is a requirement along with a faculty recommendation.

Officials explained that the candidates’ duties would include leading the park’s day camp program for children ages 6-11 and become familiar with the local flora and fauna and the park’s cultural history.

A senior park counselor would be required to be a junior in college, a senior who has been accepted to graduate school, or a graduate student with at least one year remaining in their studies.

The senior position requires the individual to be studying natural history or a related field.

Academic and recommendation requirements match that of the junior counselor positions, as well as the duties that would be necessary to fulfill.

A senior counselor will go through a period of training, but candidates looking to apply must be able to present public programs, supervise up to two assistants and be under the supervision of an operations coordinator and a park naturalist.

To apply for either position, send a resume with your name, mailing address, and phone numbers of three references – one of which should be the faculty member – along with a school transcript. A cover letter may also be included.

“It’s a lot of time up there, harnessing up kids to go down the zip line, maybe some time down here on the lower ropes course doing team-building exercises. So it’s a full day outside,” Wicks said.

At least six positions are available.

“To be honest with you, our day camp counselor positions, and we’ve had less interest in and I don’t know if people just aren’t aware that we’re hiring or what’s going on,” Wicks added.

Kingsport Aquatic Center

Without good lifeguards at the KAC, the year-round swimming facility would struggle to remain open or to have convenient hours of operation.

Kingsport officials say that though the position of lifeguard innately comes with certain job requirements, the position is meant to be a growth opportunity for the city’s young people.

Lifeguards will earn $10 per hour.

To apply, click HERE.