KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has signed the Teacher Pay Protection Act that will raise teacher salaries across the state. Kingsport City Schools is just one of the school districts that is making budget plans for the increase in teacher pay.

Dr. Andy True, Assistant Superintendent for Kingsport City Schools, said the district is making changes to the upcoming school year budget to give those pay raises to teachers.

“We have proposed in our budget a 5% pay increase for teachers,” True said.

That proposal was approved by the Kingsport Board of Education. The proposal will now go to the city for approval.

“The state this coming year is changing its funding formula to a new model,” said True. “The state did restructure the way that they set up and funded school systems. That resulted or will result in an increase of funding for us.”

Teacher pay raises will be determined based on a scale, according to True. That scale is based off a teacher’s level of academic achievement and years of experience.

Below is the proposed teacher salary schedule for the upcoming school year in Kingsport City Schools. You can view the full document online.

True said the 5% raise would be for next school year, but it’s not final until the board of education and the city approve the budget.