KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) — The Kingsport Police Department (KPD) and Kingsport Neighborhood Commission announced a new routine to reduce vehicle break-ins at homes.

The department calls it the “9 p.m. routine” and encourages people to follow it nightly to reduce the risk of auto theft.

Courtesy of the Kingsport Police Department
  • Make sure your driveway is well-lit
  • Remove all valuables from vehicles
  • Lock vehicle doors
  • Secure garage doors

“It only takes a few minutes and could make the difference between keeping your valuables and losing your vehicle,” said Corporal Brandon Johnson with the KPD.

In 2022, the KPD reported 551 vehicle break-ins and 447 happened within the past year. Almost all auto thefts reported to the KPD involved an unlocked car with the key inside and valuables left in sight, the City of Kingsport said.

“These criminals did not use any specialized tools, skills or high-tech gadgetry to access these vehicles. They simply opened unlocked doors,” Johnson said. “Which is why we’re asking everyone to follow their 9 p.m. Routine. It can make a huge difference in making sure you’re not a victim of a crime.”