KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Many participants took advantage of the beautiful weather to take part in the Kids Fishing Derby at Warriors Path State Park.

52 kids took part in the event held by the Kingsport Moose Lodge, and each left with a free fishing rod, tackle box, or life preserver.

Photo: WJHL

The fishing derby was free to attend thanks to donations to the Moose Lodge 972.

“Memories is something that you can’t replace, that you’ll have the rest of your life. And if it changes one kid’s life, fishing, time together, they’ll remember it,” said Vickie Compton from the Kingsport Moose Lodge.

Compton adds that the derby was a success and she hopes that the event will instill a passion for fishing and the outdoors in the kids who attended.

The Mosse Lodge is a service organization that works primarily with children and underserved communities.