KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) — The City of Kingsport hosted a ribbon-cutting on a new pump track at the Brickyard Complex on Wednesday. The new pump track is for open-use riding and racing on bicycles and has key features for all skill levels and ages.

Kingsport Parks and Recreation leaders said the facility was designed by former Swiss World Cup Downhill mountain biker Claudio Calouri and built by Velosolutions USA and American Ramp Company.

The facility contains all the makings of a traditional pump track including rollers, berms and transfer opportunities. Some standout elements include progressive bike ramps, a wooden wall-ride and an integrated asphalt jump line.

“We’re excited to offer this new, outdoor amenity to our cycling community,” said Parks and Recreation Manager Kitty Fraizer. “Pump track riding offers an enjoyable adventure that fosters well-being and fitness by encouraging physical activity while enhancing balance and coordination skills.”

Pump tracks are used by bikers or skaters because it eliminates the need to pedal. Users can “pump” their knees up and down to keep momentum and continue at their pace without pedaling or putting their feet on the ground.

Frazier said they did a comprehensive plan a few years ago and asked the community what type of recreation opportunities they would like to see. Those answers led to the creation of the skate park and pump track.

“Outdoor experiences, outdoor recreation, unique adventure places, unique parks were something our community wanted and so we’re trying to fulfill that mission for them,” Frazier said.

Tony Williams, co-owner of Reedy Creek Bicycles, serves on the Parks & Rec advisory committee and said the new pump track is great for alternative sports.

“It creates a community, a sense of belonging and it’s a great place to get outside, get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors,” Williams said.

Williams also said the pump track is great for people of all ages and skill levels.

“I would encourage anybody that wants to come try it,” Williams said. “It’s great for kids. It’s great for adults. It is as hard as you want to make it. So you can just roll through it and get your feet wet on it or you can learn to jump it and make it a lot harder. But it’s great for beginners and people of all ages.”

Frazier said they plan to have connecting mountain bike trails and other features that lead to downtown.

“We envision that we will have additional bike trails and walking trails on Cement Hill,” Williams said. “There’s a possibility of access to our river, which would provide kayaking and canoeing and water access, which is another outdoor experience.”

Frazier said the trails will also connect to the new housing development nearby as well.

“We are connecting our community to all the great places and spaces, and that’s important too, for to be a walkable community,” Frazier said. “And we think we are embodying that idea and certainly on our way to making that happen.”

The $1.3 million project at the Brickyard Complex included an expansion of the paver plaza, additional seating and parking, a central plaza area, three shade structures and Musco lighting.

“The fact that Kingsport has put this much thought and money into alternative sports and places, the skate park and the pump track, it means a lot to our community, the cycling community and the skating community,” Williams said.

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