KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Several streets in the west Lynn Garden community of Kingsport will receive a paving preservation treatment through the end of August.

Holbrook Asphalt Co. will spray a high-density mineral bonding agent onto the asphalt which will have great benefits in the long run, according to project superintendent Ryan Jones.

“Two benefits are number one beautification, it’ll make the roads night look nice and new. The other one, more importantly, is the preservation of the asphalt. It helps seal in the oils and that litter inside the asphalt to preserve it. So it has a longer life expectancy,” Jones said.

The city’s public works department yearns for that longer life expectancy.

“We’re having to do a lot of complete re-pavement because so many streets are in bad shape,” said Public Works Director Michael Thompson.

“Oxidative damage” from moisture and UV rays are two of the biggest issues pavement in a community experiences, both the city and company officials explained. Limiting this damage is an effective pavement management strategy to preserve our infrastructure.  

Thompson said he is anxious to see the outcome of the project.

“This particular treatment is a new treatment to us that we’ve not done before. So we’re going to be looking at this one very closely to decide if that’s what we’re going to do to streets going forward or use a different method because there’s a vast array of things you can do,” Thompson said.

He said the city would try to set residents’ minds at ease should they have any questions.

“You got to this 12-hour window that we’ve got to have you off the street. But at the same time, it’s going to be, you know, we get done with that and you’re done. It’s so it is an impact, but it’s if you’ll bear with us, it’s a short time and then you’ll be in good shape for years,” Thompson said.

Flyers were distributed to residents of Allgood Lane, Allgood Drive, Harrison Ave, Paris Ave and any others impacted by the project.

“We section off just sections of the road so we don’t have just one long section so the people are inconvenienced and have to walk a long distance to get outside of the project,” Jones said. “Cars on the road are a problem for us because we have to get them moved so if the residents would pay attention to those notices that we hand out, we’ll try to make it as smooth and seamless as we can for them.”

Local community locations have volunteered to be shuttle coordination points, Holbrook Asphalt Co. representatives said and the company will be responsible for shuttling residents to and from their vehicles.

Residents in need of the shuttle service are asked to call the company 30 minutes before they would require the service, and the contact information was provided to residents on the flyers that were distributed.

The city hopes to implement this treatment on all roadways if the preservation agent is successful.