KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) — Kingsport City School (KCS) officials say some of their elementary schools have hit capacity.

“We had several of our schools that have, based on when they were built, classroom sizes that don’t really align currently with what we want to do and with our best practice educationally,” said Kingsport City Schools assistant superintendent, Dr. Andy True.

The plan includes:

  • Renovating the Tribe Athletic Complex into an elementary school
  • Consolidating John F. Kennedy and Theodore Roosevelt Elementary schools
  • Closing Andrew Jackson Elementary School
  • Building a new elementary school in the Lynn Garden community

The new elementary schools are expected to hold around 750 students each.

All of this anticipates residential growth in the city.

True said the school district’s 10-year improvement plan began in 2014. Originally, they had planned on using the Tribe Athletic Complex as a middle school. But, after the estimates for the project came back over budget, they decided to make a few changes.

“We decided as a community, kind of refresh the numbers on the facility study, see where we were and see what the plan needs to be now for the next five, ten years,” said True.

Funding for this improvement plan is still under discussion among city and school officials. True ensures that they are going to work to use their funding efficiently.

“To be able to get it in a place where it’s achievable and it works for all involved, not only for the school system but for the city, for the residents, so that we have the best long-term plan for success,” said True.

True said the next step in this plan’s process is to focus on avenues for funding, school zone changes and community feedback.