KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) — Holy Mountain Baptist Church opened a rest area for local law enforcement officers.

The comfort station is a place where officers can escape their cars, and have a place to sit and finish paperwork. The station has snacks, tea, coffee and clean bathrooms for officers to use.

Holy Mountain Baptist Church Pastor, Tim Price says there are many present and past members of law enforcement within their church community. This is a way to honor them, as well.

“We’ve got good men who have retired and are still active,” said Price. “Every day they’re a part of our security teams, everything else, so their service goes beyond what they do in the community.”

The comfort station has been supported by the family of former law enforcement and church member, Sergeant Steve Hinkle, who died in the line of duty in 2019. He’s dearly missed by both the church and law enforcement community.

“The honor that it’s given in Sergeant Hinkle, he meant a lot to Sullivan County, the community and of course Kingsport,” said Lieutenant Randy Murray. “We sure do appreciate the devotion and all the help from his family, friends and the church community.”

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office and Kingsport Police Department have access to the comfort station through a key code. Officers believe this station will be greatly appreciated.

“We’re going from call to call and we’re in this area a lot of the times,” said Murray. “We’ll stop by to do paperwork in our cars and this gives us a chance to have a clean restroom, get a cup of coffee and just get some paperwork caught up on.”

The comfort station is available to officers 24/7. Upkeep of the station is volunteer-ran by church members.