KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL)–The Kingsport Board of Mayor and Alderman voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve zoning for single and multifamily areas within the Shipp Springs Annexation.

“When you look at annexation from a cost standpoint, it’s very affordable for us to go and get this,” said City Manager Chris McCarrt. “We’re already providing utilities in the area. The property is close so that city fire, police and other services are not really strained.”

The property, 71 acres near the intersection of West Stone Drive and Bloomingdale Pike, is set to become home to 300 apartments and 218 single-family homes.

McCartt said the city is currently reviewing concept plans from the developer.

According to a staff report, provided to the board, “No opposition was received to annexation of the site itself. Lots of opposing comments were received by the Planning Commission about the proposed development plans for the site.”

McCarrt said that feedback from citizens will be incorporated as the city continues to negotiate with developers about site-specific plans.

McCartt said adding nearly 600 homes to Kingsport’s housing supply will give Kingsport a boost as it grows.

“Being able to provide different types of housing, whether it’s single-family or multifamily, That’s big for people looking to move to this region, looking to get a job here,” said McCartt. “Having that housing will be critical.”