JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Some neighbors aren’t happy about Johnson City moving forward with a plan to annex and develop the vacant land beside Ridgeview Elementary.

The Keebler annexation project, approved in a first reading at the Johnson City Commission’s Tuesday meeting, would add hundreds of units to a 135-acre plot near Suncrest Drive.

Kim Jamerson has lived in Gray for 10 years. She’s concerned about the impact the new homes will have on traffic. Particularly on Sam Jenkins Road during pick-up times at Ridgeview.

“Adding more traffic to that it’s going to end up in the same situation which completely shuts the road down. There’s no way to get around that,” Jamerson said.

Local developer Kyle Hicks says the city is jumping the gun on annexation, before working out critical details like road infrastructure and open space requirements.

“It seems like kind of a cart before the horse,” Hicks said. “We’re going to talk about annexing this property before we have solid answers on how these other things are going to be done.”

With lot sizes of about 7,000 square feet, or a sixth of an acre, Hicks said the development proposal is too concerned with turning a profit rather than working with the land.

Hicks said his own developments in Gray have a minimum lot size of half an acre.

Jamerson is working to get more residents involved before the next public hearing, which is scheduled for Dec. 15.

The commission is scheduled to vote two more times on the project, on Dec. 1 and on Dec. 15.