KCS installing glass coating at schools for safety, security


A new coating on the glass at the entrances to schools in Kingsport will make them much safer, according to school officials. 

Thanks to some money from the State of Tennessee designated for safety, Kingsport City Schools began this week installing Llumar on doors and windows at the entrances to all of the city’s schools. Made by Eastman, Llumar bonds to the glass making them much harder to break out and gain entrance to the school.

“In these types of scenarios, we’re always looking for ways that we can increase the difficulty and increase the amount of time that it might take someone to breach those areas, so by putting this coating on those glass surfaces, it does provide a more secure area,”, Assistant Superintendent Andy True said, “An entrance point that you just can’t break your way through, it takes a significant effort and amount of time to come through that.”

Llumar is not bullet-proof, a bullet could possibly pass through it, but the glass will not shatter and will take several minutes to get through. Giving responding officers or personal time to get there.

True added, “It allows time for any kind of response to take place. If it is going to take minutes to breach a broken glass, it doesn’t shatter, so it will take someone that might have ill-intent, it will take them minutes to be able to get through that. Allowing for a response, and again, act as a deterrent, folks would know that can’t just break a glass and go through it.”

This Llumar coating on the glass is 13 millimeters thick and does not just cover the glass. It actually bonds to it, becoming part of the glass and is impossible to remove. Most of the schools in Kingsport have Llumar on their entryway glass already, but there are still a few places that need to be completed. Those will be done early next week. It is just the latest step by school officials to keep students and faculty safe.

“We feel good about some of the things that have been put in place, but we always know we can improve,”, True said, “We’re always on the lookout for ways that we can make improvements, ways that we can create those safe environments so that when students and staff come in our buildings, they feel safe.”

A second project will begin shortly on the “bank-teller-style” widow structures that separate guests from school staff/receptionists that greet them in entryways at each school.

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