KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Kingsport City Schools board members are considering a new internal policy barring district employees from engaging in or facilitating classroom discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation.

According to meeting notes published by the school system, a potential new policy called “Reconsideration of Textbooks and Instructional Materials” was pulled for discussion by board member Todd Golden before a 2nd reading approval Tuesday night.

The text of the policy can be found below, with bold italics marking the addition from Golden:

All curriculum and instructional programming implemented in the school district shall adhere to state and federal laws. District employees shall not include or promote any concepts that would violate state law when providing instruction, using instructional or supplemental materials, or when implementing the instructional program curriculum and shall not create, facilitate or engage in classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity.

KCS Policy 4.401, Reconsideration of Textbooks and Instructional Materials

Golden’s request was tabled for further research, according to meeting notes, and assistant superintendent Dr. Andy True is slated to bring more information about the change to the board in their August 23 scheduled work session.