WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — The Judy and Doug Lowrie Spay and Neuter Clinic at the Washington County-Johnson City Animal Shelter kicked off its grand opening with a ribbon-cutting event on Valentine’s Day.

Executive director of the clinic Tammy Davis said this will benefit not just Washington County, but surrounding communities.

“This is going to be completely life-changing for the animals in the shelter and for the animals in the community,” Davis told News Channel 11. “Typically, we have a very close relationship with the local veterinarians, but they were not able to keep up with the demand we have here at the shelter.”

The new clinic offers a dog and cat check-up table, surgery room and crates of all sizes for pets to recover after surgery. A key feature of the facility is an X-ray room to help examine an animal, whether it’s for a check-up or an injury. 

“Anything that comes in hit by a car, or some of our older patients that need diagnostic testing, we have the ability to do x-rays, take ultrasounds, even if there’s something we’re concerned about in the surgery process,” said veterinary assistant Julia Haga.

In addition to the new clinic, the Washington County-Johnson City Animal Shelter provides flagship services to more than 4,000 animals that come through the shelter annually, as the ultimate goal is to reduce that number.

“On average, one female cat will have three to four litters a year, each litter will have four kittens, we’re talking sixteen kittens every single year for one female,” executive director of Operation Johnson Kitty Melina Maiden said. “So we really need to stop that cycle and get them spayed and neutered.”

Pet owners will find the new clinic offers other services in addition to spay and neuter procedures. The clinic provides reduced rates to members of the public who wish to spay or neuter their pets. Also, financially-stressed individuals will be offered special surgical rates, according to the clinic.