JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. (WJHL) – One postal worker in Jonesborough has dedicated 50 years to his job and is receiving a service award for all of his hard work.

Danny Stott began his career in the federal service after he retired from the United States Air Force and began working for the United States Postal Service in January of 1970.

On Thursday, Stott was presented with a service award at the McKinney Center in Jonesborough.

“It’s extraordinary. Fifty years. I mean three and a half Air Force, the rest of it at the postal service,” Postmaster Tim Dean. “He’s one of our last few civil servants working at the postal service. That’s just an achievement to be healthy and be able to come to work every day and do your job and do it well.”

Stott, who is now the Supervisor of Customer Service at the Jonesborough Post Office, worked in Johnson City as a postal worker before moving to Jonesborough.