JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. (WJHL) — The Town of Jonesborough said severe storm damage to its Solid Waste Facility left the building condemned and due for demolition, and this has brought recycling operations in the town to a halt.

According to a letter sent to residents from the town, the condemned facility is where recycling material is separated and baled for re-sale, and those operations have come to a standstill.

The letter states, “To exacerbate the problem, the market for recycled materials has dropped drastically. For example, the town was selling cardboard for $150 per ton last year and now we only receive $25 a ton.”

The Solid Waste Department will begin picking up all curbside recycling containers the week of Nov. 6, according to the letter. Residents are asked to place their containers next to the curb on the same day as their garbage pick-up.

The letter said the department is exploring alternatives to curbside recycling, such as town-operated and maintained drop-off spots. The first recycling drop-off, which is opening soon, will be located at 110 Old State Route 34. No opening date was provided for the location. The letter said a second drop-off location is also in the works closer to the center of town. Solid waste convenience centers are still open and not affected.

The town goes on to say the Solid Waste Department’s services are not funded by property tax and are self-supported through garbage rates such as weekly trash collection, brush and yard waste collection, bulk item/junk collection and the leaf pick-up service.

Those with questions or concerns can contact Jonesborough Town Hall at 423-753-1030. The letter said updates to recycling operations in Jonesborough will be posted to the town’s social media and website.

The full letter Jonesborough sent to residents can be found below: