Johnson County mother upset after video about abortion shown in high school class


A Johnson County mother wants a teacher to be held accountable after she said an inappropriate video about abortion was shown to her son’s high school Biology class.

The video that aired on C-SPAN shows a doctor describing abortion in front of lawmakers.

Laurette Loy said her son’s AP Biology teacher at Johnson County High School crossed the line when she showed her class the video.

“It is not appropriate for any public high school classroom. The doctor talked about removing arms and legs,” Loy said. “It was very emotion provoking and it was not a black and white kind of factual thing.”

She claimed the video was politically biased.

Johnson County Director of Schools Mischelle Simcox disagreed.

She said the teacher complied with AP Biology standards.

“She let the students know what the video was going to be about because it was just going to be a discussion between lawmakers and a doctor, and that if anyone felt uncomfortable, they had the right, of course, to leave the room,” Simcox said.

In the video, a doctor testified before a congressional committee about why he no longer performs abortions.

Simcox said she did not think the video was biased. 

“In personal opinion, no,” Simcox said. “I watched the video, it was just a video discussing why this specific doctor no longer performs abortions.”

Loy said she thinks that the teacher should be reprimanded for showing the video.

“I think that it should be clear that that kind of thing should not be shown again and there should be better guidelines in school,” Loy said.

She said she thinks the moral debate over abortion needs to be discussed by parents at home and schools should stick to the facts.

The Johnson County High School teacher is on the job and has faced no disciplinary action by the school.

Loy said she plans to write a letter to the Tennessee State Board of Education.

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