JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — A new fire truck will soon hit the streets of Johnson City.

The new Truck 2 ladder truck was recently purchased for around $1 million and will replace the existing Truck 2, which is over 20 years old. It will be stationed at Fire Station 2, located on Cherokee Road near Pine Oaks Golf Course. The truck will be put into service in about three weeks as firefighters are still training on it.

“Everybody has got to go through a rigorous training session with it so they know how to operate it and know all the safety features of it and be able to handle any situation they may encounter,” Fire Chief David Bell said.

The new Truck 2 features a 100-foot ladder with LED lighting and has safety features the older fire truck lacks.

“The biggest thing is just the cab itself, the chassis. Because there are safety features involved in it with airbags and everything else that is new for these apparatus. The older ones that we have did not have that,” Bell said.

The ladder on the new truck can also handle more weight than the one on the old truck.

Bell said the truck was supposed to cost $1.2 million, but the fire department worked with a consortium and got it for $1,051,000. It is one of the most expensive vehicles the city has purchased.

An official “push in” ceremony for the new truck will take place at a later date.