Members from the Johnson City Development Authority are asking for the community’s input on the development of downtown. It’s part of an effort to draw people into our region.

Director of Downtown Development of Northeast Tennessee, Dianna Canter said in the last eight months two concepts were determined.

“We have identified that we’re a college town and that means providing businesses and amenities that provide not just to college students but to faculty and staff as well, the second is outdoor recreation,” Canter said.

A survey will be sent out early next meet to give community members the opportunity to provide feedback on what they would like to see downtown.

Once the data is collected, Cantler said the Johnston City Development Authority will take those ideas and prioritize.

Cantler said many ideas have already been brain stormed among the members.

“We talked about possibly a bike sharing program, that we would have bikes available downtown or at the university,” Cantler said. “Another idea that come out was a trolley system that connected the university to downtown.”

Ideas that ETSU student Paige Laponsie said would contribute to the improvements Downtown Johnson City has already made.

“I think that would be really good and I think they have done a really good job with having the walking paths and the coffee shops,” Laponsie said.

Cantler said those improvements came from multiple private and public investments in the downtown area in the last five to six years.

“Our districts property tax values have increased 8% compared to the county’s 1% so there’s a lot of money that is being invested in our community and now we are starting to reap the benefits and it’s only going to continue,” Cantler said.

If you would like to learn more information about the Johnson City Development Authority you can visit the website here.

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