JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL)- Feb. 24 marked one year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and a group of Johnson City residents voiced love and support at a Saturday gathering.

Community members, friends and family held the gathering downtown, carrying posters and flags voicing care for Ukraine. One of the participants, Rita Gregory, said she has found support from the community.

“I moved here 10 years ago and I would like to thank the world around for everything, for the huge support and help,” Gregory told News Channel 11.

Emotions were high as supporters remember those that have been lost to the war. Yaro Hnatusko wants people to remember that life should be treasured.

“We can share that some of us are not just refugees to East Tennessee, but also we’re missionaries to share our war,” said Hnatusko. “And for people to know that their life is not granted for all of us.”

Many participants that came out Saturday are from Ukraine.

“We’re still a family here, we know where we were born, we know our heritage and we know that together here, we can stay very close,” said Hnatusko. “Despite us being so many thousand miles away we still have our own fight here.”

Although the upheaval in Ukraine continues, Pavlo Shevchuk said that he has faith in miracles.

“Everybody was scared, nobody knows what to do or what is going on, and at that particular moment the only thing we can do is pray for Ukraine,” said Schevchuk. “To pray for people and just put our faith that God will help and show us miracle.”