HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Residents are concerned about a bridge on Cave Springs Road in Hawkins County.

“For almost going on a year now, this bridge has not been fixed,” said resident Tabitha Amyx. “It’s got a large hole in it and that’s the reason I stopped coming that way.”

That hole is currently being covered by two traffic cones. The hole goes straight through the road and provides a clear view of the creek running below.

Hole in Cave Springs Road bridge. (Photo: WJHL).

There are extra concerns because it is a frequently traveled road. There is a church right across the street from the bridge and a school bus carries children to and from school on this bridge.

“I think it’s a danger to the community as far as safety for the people who drive this to and from work each and every day,” said Amyx.

Hawkins County Road Superintendent Danny Jones has driven the road and has this project on his radar to make temporary fixes.

“To fix the bridge, it’s had decking failure so I plan on removing the bad material from the decking, putting steal reinforcements on the beams, and building it back, resurfacing it,” said Jones.

 He knows additional improvements will need to be made to the bridge and road as well.

“The bridge needs updating,” said Jones. “The way that the road comes into the bridge, it’s in a curve and the road needs straightening and the bridge needs widening. But that’s going to take time.”

Jones says the temporary fixes should happen within the next few weeks. Permanent fixes will come to the bridge after the Highway Department can get a quote on the repair.