WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – “Brood X” cicadas are expected to emerge in Tennessee within the next couple of months. According to experts, East Tennessee will see a higher cicada population than the rest of the state.

Dr. Frank Hale, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture professor and extension specialist, said the 17-year cicadas should emerge from the ground around early May.

 “It’s a biggie East Tennessee event, all the fly fishermen are excited,” Hale said.

Anthony Shelton, an agent with the Washington County UT-Extension office, said when the cicadas arrive depends upon soil temperature.

“They start coming out of the ground when eight inches in depth of soil temperature is around 60 to 65 degrees,” Shelton said.

Shelton said those who plan to plant new trees should reconsider while the cicadas are around because they may feed on them.

“Be mindful that it will be a little noisy for about four to six weeks, and then, ‘Where did they go?'” Shelton said.

“For me, it’s when your stargazing, you know waiting for this certain stars to line up. It’s something to get excited about is what I’m trying to say,” Hale said. “It’s an event.” 

Hale said those who are interested in tracking the insects can download the Cicada Safari app.