How to stay safe while using Uber or Lyft


The death of a South Carolina college student has raised concerns about the safety of ride services like Uber and Lyft.

Samantha Josephson’s body was found Friday hours after she got into the wrong car when she called for an Uber.

Police arrested a man early Saturday morning in the investigation. According to arrest warrants, she had n umerous wounds all over her body.

It’s a situation that has East Tennessee State University students like Aashna Khanna second-guessing the ride share services.

“It is very shocking honestly,” Khanna said. “I dont know what their intension is, I dont know what they could do.”

It’s a service she said she tries to avoid.

“Uber is not always 100% safe,” Khanna said.

News Channel 11 sat down with ETSU Police Chief Nicole Collins to talk about how students can stay safe while using ride share services.


  • Make sure the license plate matched the car you’re supposed to get in.
  • Make sure the driver looks like your driver’s photo in the app.
  • Don’t give the driver your name, instead, ask the driver who they are picking up.
  • Ride in the back seat on the passenger side so you can keep an eye on your driver.
  • Share your trip details with your friend.

“If something doesn’t match then you should probably not take that ride,” Collins said.

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