(WJHL) – The Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) released a breakdown of 3rd grade TCAP retake performance for each school system in the state, and News Channel 11 has compiled the results of all the systems in its coverage area.

In TDOE reporting, the “Retake Participation Rate” column represents the percentage of students that were eligible for a TCAP retake that took the test again. That number includes students that missed the first test date, are exempt from testing requirements or have already passed an appeal.

Out of that percentage, the “% Proficient” column represents the percentage of students that scored “Proficient” on the TCAP on their second attempt and are good to advance to the 4th grade. “Proficient” includes scores that “Meet” or “Exceed” expectations.

Those that improved their scores from “Below” to “Approaching” are eligible for several pathways to make sure they advance.

Photo: TN Department of Education
DistrictRetake Participation Rate% Proficient% Improved to Approaching
Bristol City Schools55.221.36.7
Carter County Schools63.228.88.4
Elizabethton City Schools14.4**15.4
Greene County Schools73.512.86.2
Greeneville City Schools18.1**15.0
Hawkins County Schools72.822.87.1
Johnson City Schools53.015.58.6
Johnson County Schools69.015.712.2
Kingsport City Schools25.318.78.1
Rogersville City Schools77.53.26.5
Sullivan County Schools63.522.68.7
Unicoi County Schools19.419.4 30.05.0
Washington County Schools70.916.810.2

The TDOE noted that the column spaces represented by “**” indicate that less than 1% of students who retook the TCAP fall into that category.

Students who did not score “Proficient” on their retake may still advance to 4th grade. If they scored in the “Approaching” category, students may either attend summer school, receive tutoring during the next school year or make another appeal. If they scored in the “Below” category after retaking the TCAP, students must attend summer school and receive tutoring in 4th grade.

A complete breakdown of retake scores throughout Tennessee is available online through the TDOE.