KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Police arrested a man after they say he lit a homeless person on fire Tuesday night.

According to a Kingsport Police Department report, William White said he was sleeping on a bench in Memorial Gardens Park and woke up to see his blankets, pants, shoes, and right leg on fire.

After beating out the fire, White said he confronted Ricky Laney as he was walking away from the scene.

According to White, Laney said during the scuffle that employees at the Zoomers convenience store had told him to light him on fire.

Police responded and found Laney behind the Palmer Center. EMS treated White but he turned down a trip to a hospital.

White told police that Laney was mad at him because he thought he had stolen a bottle of liquor from him weeks ago.

Officers arrested Laney who denied lighting White on fire but did say there was a fight, according to KPD.

While being transported to jail, police say Laney said: “as soon as I get out I’m gonna kill him.”

Laney was charged with aggravated assault and setting fire to personal property.

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