JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Local beer enthusiasts popped the tops on seasonal and homemade brews at a Homebrew Bottle Share event hosted by Johnson City Brewing Company at the Boones Creek location.

The event brought together homebrewers with a passion to share their favorite finds with each other.

Eric Latham, the owner of Johnson City Brewing, said he was excited to bring good beer and good people together.

“You know what, the crazy part that I didn’t realize is, there are some really good homebrewers in the area – award winning homebrewers,” Latham said. “Some of these guys, in fact some of the guys who are here tonight, are starting their own breweries.”

Trading beer is a common practice at these events. It’s all about having fun, learning something new and fellowship with other home brewers, Lathan said.