(WJHL) — Since 1985, Holston Habitat for Humanity has helped nearly 320 families find affordable houses. Over 100 of those families have already paid off their mortgages.

On Monday, 14 homeowners celebrated paying off their homes with Holston Habitat for Humanity by burning their mortgages.

Organizers said the ceremony is a symbolic way of celebrating financial freedom.

“I think it means absolute financial freedom,” said Jennifer Dixon, the president of the board of directors for Holston Habitat for Humanity. “When you think about financial freedom, you think about paying off your credit cards or paying off your car loans, but this is the absolute pinnacle; this is the peak for everyone.

“There’s nothing that is tying [you] anymore…officially financially free.”

The event was held on World Habitat Day, which recognizes the basic right of all to adequate shelter.