KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) — Officials at Holston Army Ammunition Plant say the plant is on track to reduce open burning of potentially hazardous waste by as much as 90%.

While the public is not allowed to burn trash, it’s been a common practice for decades at the plant.

The plant says it’s conducted open-air burns of waste from the plant’s production processes behind the gates of the high-security facility since it opened in 1942. Some neighbors and environmental groups have complained about the practice, and the Army has previously said it was trying to find a different method of disposal.

At a public meeting Wednesday, officials said there are now plans to install two new facilities, a flashing furnace and a static detonation chamber, that would provide an alternative to open burns.

“Right now we continue to work with our state regulators for the permit applications just to make sure that those technologies and implementations are safe and effective for our operation here at Holston,” Lt. Col. Joel Calo told News Channel 11.

Calo, who serves as commander of the plant, said the flashing furnace should be completed by 2024 and the static detonation chamber should be completed by 2027.