BRISTOL, Tenn. (WJHL) – After four months of being up for sale, the Blue Circle on Bluff City Highway has officially been sold to Keith and Molly Yonker, owners of the local Angry Italian. 

The historic diner was listed for sale in July but still remained open to the public. 

Previous owners Mark and Debbie Sourbeer said that they negotiated the sale for three months before deciding on the Yonkers.

“We looked at all the people that made offers and took the best one in Keith and Molly that we felt was the best fit for it,” Mark Sourbeer said.

The Sourbeers said they wanted to sell the Blue Circle to someone who would appreciate the diner’s importance.

“We wanted somebody in the community that would take care of it and love it as much as we do,” Debbie Sourbeer said. “We found that with Keith and Molly. We think they’re going to do a wonderful job with Blue Circle.”

The Yonkers, who have been in the restaurant industry for over 40 years, said that they purchased the diner to keep it in the Bristol community. 

“It’s just been a great place for our family. So many people, not just myself, but in the Bristol community have great memories of the Blue Circle,” Molly Yonkers said. “I think just about everywhere we have been lately, someone shared a Blue Circle memory with us, and we just want to continue that tradition, make sure it remains the beloved establishment it has always been.”

The Blue Circle is known for its iconic circle burger. The pair shared that while they are dedicated to keeping the basic items on the menu, the community can expect new additions to the diner such as a slot machine and soft-serve machine.

“You can expect the circle burgers being on the menu, of course, the namesake of the restaurant,” Keith Yonkers said. “Some things are going to change, some things are going to stay. That’s the concept that we’re looking at.”

When it comes to the building itself, the Yonkers said that is one thing they won’t change.

“I’m not tearing this place down and making it look like something else,” Keith Yonkers said. “So what you see is what you get.”

The Sourbeers said they are thankful for the community’s support and asked the public to continue to support the business.

“We just appreciate that community,” said Debbie. “They have been amazing to us this last four years, and we want them to come out and continue to be here at Blue Circle and support the new owners and always make Blue Circle the best.”

The Yonkers said they also hope the Bristol population will work alongside them to help the business become a big part of the city.

“We definitely want to be a big part of the community,” Keith Yonkers said. “Like the Angry Italian, we want to continue to do a lot with the community, here with the Blue Circle as well.”

The Yonkers said they are still working on an opening date.