JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Both the Carter County and Unicoi County highway departments have been working since this morning to get the roads ready for the incoming winter weather.

As early as 7 a.m., workers with the Carter County Highway Department were called in on their day off to start clearing the roads.

Thursday afternoon, road crews began spraying the roads with salt brine.

“In the lower elevations it’s not doing anything right now,” said Assistant Road Superintendent Shannon Burchett. “But, the guys have reported back that the roads are getting white in the higher elevations.”

Burchett says he’s had his workers out clearing roads leading to Roan Mountain.

Carter County has a mixture of lower and higher-elevation roads. Burchett says the weather can change drastically between elevations.

“It’s like when you reach the elevation point going into Roan Mountain, it’s just like you stepped out of one room into another one,” said Burchett.

The Unicoi County Highway Department was out on the roads too but hasn’t seen the same weather.

“10 o’clock, nothing showed. 11 o’clock, nothing showed,” said Road Superintendent Terry Haynes. “It’s beginning to flurry, but nothing’s laying on the roads at this time.”

Haynes says they have decided to pre-treat the roads anyways.

“Well, we don’t usually do this, but last time it was below zero and we were on ice,” said Haynes. “So, we decided we’d try it and see how it works and maybe it will help us down the road if it does snow.”

Both county highway departments say there is a high chance they will be out again Saturday morning working to clear the roads.