BUCHANAN COUNTY, Va. (WJHL) – Less than a week after floods decimated parts of Buchanan County, businesses and non-profits have turned out to help the people who lost everything.

Early damage assessments conducted by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management estimate that 30 homes were destroyed by the flooding, with more than 100 others damaged or affected in some capacity.

Food City has partnered with Proctor & Gamble to assist the area by bringing the Tide Loads of Hope program to Grundy. The mobile laundromat is located at Grundy Baptist Church and features 32 washers and dryers that can clean more than 300 loads of laundry each day, according to a release from Food City.

The laundromat can be used by flooding victims from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. until it reaches capacity.

“They’ll come up to the table, fill up the mesh bags with their laundry, fill out a form,” said disaster response member Laura Morand. “They leave the laundry with us. We wash, dry, fold it and text them when it’s ready to be picked up. It’s ready within 24 hours.”

To date, Food City has donated more than $260,500 in products to provide relief. In addition, Food City has partnered with News Channel 11 and the United Way of Southwest Virginia to collect monetary donations at area stores.

The United Way of Southwest Virginia reported Monday that the non-profit had raised $187,000 for Buchanan County, but it estimated millions more would be needed in order to help restore quality of life for the people uprooted by the floods.

Residents of the county were lined up Monday at Twin Valley Elementary and Middle School to get cleaning supplies, food and other necessities. The school is being used as a headquarters for multiple non-profits and agencies like the Red Cross, the Baptist Association, Billy Graham Ministries and social services.

“When victims walk through or come through, we load them up with anything they need,” said Marcella Watson, Executive Director of Buchanan County Social Services.

A truck full of donated supplies was dropped off Monday by Ballad Health. People were able to get everything from non-perishable food and hygiene products to toys for their children.

Social services informed News Channel 11 that Twin Valley will remain open and manned 24 hours a day through Friday.