Heavy rain causes havoc for homeowners in Carter County


HAMPTON, Tenn. (WJHL) — Homeowners in Carter County were not expecting their Thursday to be consumed with sandbagging their roadways and dealing with floodwaters entering their homes.

Crews with the Hampton Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Department spent part of their day monitoring the rising water and traffic.

One of the hardest-hit places in Carter County was a neighborhood in Hampton, on Rittertown Road.

Rittertown Road, in Hampton, Tennessee had flooding due to Thursday’s heavy rain.

The heavy rain rushed into homes, causing water damage to several homes in the area.

“Just pray that the rain stops,” Greg Marlow said.

With a driveway destroyed and a yard that has turned into a pond, Marlow has had enough.

Rittertown Road, in Hampton, Tennessee overwhelmed neighbors with flood.

“There’s just a problem with the drainage up there. It’s just really aggravating to continue to get the yard destroyed,” Marlow said. “I’m thankful for the Hampton Fire Department. They went ahead and took boards and blocked the water off from my house.”

Captain Jimmy Vines said, “A lot of the culverts had been stopped up allowing the waters to run out of the ditch line, across the road into the homes that are here nearby.”

Captain Jimmy Vines, with the Hampton Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Department, was out with his crew monitoring the localized flooding assisting homeowners with diverting waters.

Sandbags are lined up along Rittertown Road, in Hampton, Tennessee to divert water from getting into homes.

“We’ve got our first call this morning around 9 am. We’ve had several other units join the guys out here over the last several hours,” Captain Vines said. “We’ve probably had five or six homes just in this little area that have been affected. We’ve had to take some action on some pets that were inside a gated lot, and the owners were not home/ Just trying to make sure everything is protected and safe.”

Marlow has lived in this home for 51 years with his wife, and says ever year it floods without fail.

“It’s just something that the county needs to look at. I don’t really live next to a water well of creek. There’s no reason I should be getting flooded, year after year. I know there’s an abundant amount of rain that has fallen, but still. That’s what drainage is for,” Marlow told WJHL’s Pheben Kassahun.

Culverts were stopped up in Hampton, causing flooding to a neighborhood on Rittertown Road.

Harry Alvis, a 28-year resident, lives a few yards away from Marlow but his home was not spared either.

“About six inches of running water like you see here running down the road,” Alvis said. “But it’s all over my yard. You know, up underneath the trailer.”

Marlow added his main concern is about the foundation of his home.

“We had sandbags actually leftover from last year’s flood,” he said. “We could use a lot but we’ve only got like 20 or 30.”

Marlow said Thursday’s rain has left about a foot of water underneath his home. He hopes for conditions to deteriorate over the next few hours but that was not the case.

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