ERWIN, Tenn. (WJHL) – If you missed the changing of the leaves this year, you might get the chance to enjoy it in the lap of luxury in 2023.

Erwin, Tennessee is known for its beautiful views, whether the trees are green in the spring or bare in the winter, but rarely can you get so close to nature that makes those sights as you can with the incoming Coffee Ridge Wellness Resort.

The property, purchased for development by Deb and Dave Hatley, features 300 acres of largely untouched wilderness atop the secluded Coffee Ridge.

“The moment that we stepped on Coffee Ridge’s drive,” said Deb, CEO of the endeavor. “We were immediately just connected to the area and the journey that it made, going up to Coffee Ridge. I mean it was just like a hidden gem, ultimately. It’s this very unknown area, which I think is what will make Coffee Ridge, its location, be even more special.”

As a couple’s only retreat, the Unicoi County and Tri-Cities babysitter economy might see some stimulation come October 2023, the projected opening date.

The layouts of the 10-12 drafted cabins are designed to focus on two, with privacy so closely guarded that News Channel 11 was denied an address.

“This is an adult-only, couples-only, all-inclusive resort. And our idea is to really create a place that has a very high-end tailor-made experience for couples,” Hatley said. “To ultimately connect to each other and to nature, and to disconnect from their busy lives.” 

A common theme throughout the facility will be indulgence, from the all-inclusive dining spaces to a 5,000 square foot spa designed with a getaway in mind.

“Your spa is a moment that you really enjoy at a lot of resorts and locations, but it can have the tendency of being cut short,” Hatley said. “So we’re really trying to figure out ways to draw that out to really create a very luxury intimate experience for you and your spouse.”

Ideally, visitors would find themselves there for free or whisked there following an unfortunate tumble through a rabbit-hole or wardrobe, but Hatley said she hopes to make the price tag well worth it.

“It’ll definitely be expensive to stay at Coffee Ridge,” said Hatley. “So with that, that price will obviously accommodate a very high-end service and really for you never to be nit-picked. So everything that we have as far as dining, spa, amenities, experiences will all be built into that price. At the end of your stay you will never be hit with a bill.”

The cabins themselves aren’t built from the tongue-and-groove logs you may expect deep in Appalachian woods. Instead, they’ll be made up of state-of-the-art “kits” designed by Clements Wimsatt Architects based in Nashville, Tennessee.

The kit consists of a base platform that creates a stable, level base along the mountainside. On top of that is your pod, the cozier living space that keeps you and the elements separate.

Above the platform and pod is the canopy, a high cover to keep rain and snow at bay as you enjoy the outdoors and take in the views the property promises.

Slated for completion in October 2023, the property will also contain the Treeline House for the Hatleys or property owners themselves. Expansions like a coffeeshop, high-altitude bar and other entertainment programs are also in the works.