CHURCH HILL, Tenn. (WJHL) – Hawkins County deputies are investigating after a Volunteer High student threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot another student.

According to a Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office report, Volunteer High School principal Bobby Wines contacted deputies about the threat on September 3.

Deputy Richard McGinnis responded to Wines’ office, where the victim and her mother were meeting with the principal.

“The victim showed me a photo of a message received by her sent by the suspect, which showed the suspect holding in his hand a pistol…” the document revealed.

Another message from the male teen said “I will shoot ya a**” and “I will bring it to school.”

According to the report, the suspect was removed from class by Wines and McGinnis, and Wines questioned the student about the messages.

“He admitted sending the messages to the principal and myself and the suspect showed his phone to the Deputy where the picture was.”

McGinnis also reported that the teen said the gun was a CO cartridge pistol.

The suspect’s mother was contacted, and, in a meeting, she agreed to allow deputies to search the phone.

According to the police record, a petition was filed against the boy in Hawkins County Juvenile Court for assault.

Any punishment from school leaders due to the incident was not immediately clear.