HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – A Hawkins County man and his paralyzed son were able to get out of their 3-story home before it collapsed Thursday.

The owner of the home, Dean Myers told News Channel 11 that he and his son, who is confined to a wheelchair, were watching television with their dog Thursday morning. Relentless rains had been battering Hawkins County all morning, flooding roadways and even prompting a water rescue at a stranded school bus.

Myers said it was just before noon when he heard a sound at the door.

“I heard a knock out here and I thought it was somebody out there,” Myers said. “So I come to the door and it had {fallen} about that far.”

Myers immediately alerted his son and knew they had to get out of their home.

“My son is in a wheelchair,” he said. “I told him, I said ‘we better get out of here.’ This house is going to fall, it seemed like 20 minutes after I got out, by that time, it fell down.”

The 10-bedroom home collapsed right in front of Myers and his son. Myers’ other son, Raymond, arrived shortly after and said he was grateful for his family’s safety.

“Thankful that it happened during the day instead of at night when everybody is asleep,” Raymond Myers said.

Hawkins County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Director Jamie Miller said no injuries were reported at the scene throughout the day. The Hawkins County Rescue Squad informed News Channel 11 that the EMA contacted them so the Myers could be sheltered at the squad’s station until the Red Cross could assist them.

Earlier Thursday, a Hawkins County school bus was stranded in floodwaters along Bulls Gap Saint Clair Rd. The children aboard the bus were safely rescued and transported to a nearby school.

Hawkins County Schools announced the district will be closed Friday due to the weather.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned online and on-air for updates from News Channel 11.