WASHINGTON (WJHL) — Rep. Diana Harshbarger has introduced a bill to ban federal COVID-19 “vaccine passports.”

The No Vaccine Passports for Americans Act would prohibit the federal government from implementing a vaccine passport or similar system and also ban the government from working with third parties, such as airlines, to implement such a system.

Harshbarger’s legislation would also implement a five-year ban on government vaccine mandates for vaccines that were first authorized through emergency use authorization. It would also prohibit “vaccine discrimination” in employment, public accommodations, public transportation, or access to federal property.

“Vaccine passports are a restriction on individual liberties, period,” Harshbarger said in a release. “I oppose these radical policies. That’s why I introduced the No Vaccine Passports for Americans Act to bar the already overreaching federal government from requiring vaccine passports. Our society needs to return to normal as soon as possible – our children have suffered through school closures, our businesses have suffered from strict lockdowns, and our economy is in desperate need of employees who will return to work. Banning vaccine passports will expedite the return to normal.”

A Senate version of the bill has been introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz.