WASHINGTON (WJHL) — Rep. Diana Harshbarger says that while she supports sending help to Ukraine amid the Russian invasion, she cannot support sending more money abroad with so many people in need in the United States.

Harshbarger was among 57 Republicans who voted against a bill on Tuesday that would commit an additional $40 billion in aid for Ukraine. The measure passed the House with 368 members, including 149 Republicans, voting for it. No Democrats voted against it.

In a statement to News Channel 11, Northeast Tennessee’s congresswoman explained why she is against the bill.

“Russia waged war on Ukrainians because they dared to choose Democracy over tyranny. I am outraged by this unprovoked attack and support helping Ukraine to end this war on freedom with sanctions and battlefield intelligence from our air force, but sadly, our nation is facing its own dire battles. For months, Americans have been forced to choose between buying gas to get to work and groceries to feed their families, and now, American mothers wondering how to feed their infants as formula shelves remain empty. I will not support sending BILLIONS more of your tax dollars abroad when so many need help here at home.”

Rep. Diana Harshbarger (R-TN)

The Senate is expected to approve the bill in the near future.