BRISTOL, VA. (WJHL)- With its proposed casino and resort for Bristol, Hard Rock has promised to create numerous job and vending opportunities. Company executives said they’re aiming to hire and buy local.

Hard Rock officials said many of the employees hired will not be working directly with the casino.

“A significant amount of the 2,000 jobs that we’re providing are non-gaming related,” said Hard Rock Chief Operating Officer Jon Lucas. “Finance, marketing, planning and analysis, food and beverage and hotel. All of those are non-gaming.”

Hard Rock executives said the company prioritizes promoting from within and providing training to move up to higher positions. They said it’s possible to move between areas, such as from a hospitality job to a support services job.

“I’ve seen it happen. When we’ve opened in new markets, you go back a few years later, people are now managers, directors,” said David Carroll, Hard Rock’s senior vice president of human resources.

Tracy Bradford, Hard Rock’s executive vice president of administration, said the company likes to work with individuals to find a position well-suited for them.

“So much opportunity for growth and development through our company. It’s totally up to you. It’s limitless,” said Bradford.

But how much will positions pay annually? Executives said the average worker compensation will be $46,500. At an information session for community members, Sean Caffery, senior vice president of business and casino development, provided a more detailed breakdown.

“Casino employees, you expect to be around [$43,000]. Hotel is about $56,000,” he said. “Food and beverage sits around $41,000. Then on the higher side we’ve got things like entertainment that are up at about [$64,000]. And marketing is as high as [$71,000]. And then facilities and general administrative gets up to [$66,000]. So it’s a pretty big range.”

The company also wants local vendors to supply some of their goods and services, with plans to spend millions of dollars towards vendor and community partnerships annually.

Areas needed include promotional items, landscaping, taxis and shuttles, food supplies, signs and printing, pre-construction, snow removal, and more. But when selecting vendors, Hard Rock says they have to meet their brand standards.

“We need to feel like we’re getting a great deal, and you guys need to make some money,” said Director of Procurement Justin Armstrong. “And then hopefully that becomes a relationship that we can build on into the future. Because we really plan to be a part of your community for an indefinite period of time.”