Greeneville Police investigating theft cases involving ‘sale apps’

The Greeneville Police Department is looking into a string of theft cases involving the app “Letgo”.

Greeneville Police report there have been an increase of theft cases in the past few months after a person has posted a motorcycle or four wheeler for sale on the “Letgo” app. 

According to police, the buyer asks the seller to meet them after dark at a closed business. 

The buyer finds a way to get on the bike or four wheeler and takes off on it and never returns.

The buyer then blocks the seller on the app so that they cannot get in touch with the person who drove off. 

Police are urging people who use these apps to meet potential buyers in a safe, busy place during daylight hours.

The theft happened at night, in front of a closed business, with no surveillance cameras. 

The Greenville Police Department says to meet people in daylight or at least well-lit areas and avoid empty parking lots. 

Detective David White said to avoid places like laundry mats, car washes, and anywhere that’s unoccupied. 

He says to meet people at places like coffee shops or even in the police departments front parking lot. 

“If they want to show up here in the parking lot or go to a bank or somewhere like that, that’s going to have some people and some video surveillance around to help protect them, ” said White.

White adds, “Be cautious. Be aware of your surroundings. If something just doesn’t seem right, it’s probably not.”

News Channel 11’s Kristen Gallant asked people in Downtown Greeneville if they use these types of apps.

Debbie Mather says she doesn’t use them, but her sons do to buy items like trucks, boats, and hunting equipment. 

She said she sometimes worries about their safety when picking up their purchases. 

“I try to advise them as far as safety to be mindful of those things. When they use these apps they try to use some secure site as far as payment goes. When any transactions take place I advise them always to take somebody with them,” said Mather.

Greeneville Police is asking for anyone with information on the person who is stealing motorcycles and four wheelers to call the tip line at 423-783-2868. 

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