GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — Greeneville’s police department has fired an officer after a 16-year-old girl said he sent her sexually explicit messages on the social media platform Snapchat and harassed her at her workplace.

Cody Greene was fired June 2 following an internal affairs investigation into the girl’s allegations. Greene had worked at least part of the time as a School Resource Officer (SRO).

An internal investigation could not prove any of the specific allegations against Greene that would have violated social media policy because Snapchat records can’t be recovered. Instead, Greene was fired for violating his oath of office for not adhering to the Greeneville Police Department’s (GPD) code of conduct. An additional sustained finding was that Greene committed a Class I Misconduct Violation due to “his dishonesty and untruthfulness” during an interview about the allegations.

The investigation found Greene’s dishonesty had “the potential to damage the reputation of the Department or its personnel.” A potential stalking complaint was determined to be unfounded.

Captain Tim Davis wrote following interviews with both Greene and the complainant that they found his statement to be not credible in at least two sections of their interview. They found the girl almost completely credible in her explanation of the events that allegedly occurred between fall 2021 and May 2022.

The alleged victim told the captains on May 23 that Greene first reached out to her on Snapchat last October or November, about a week after she had served him at the drive-through where she worked.

She told Davis and Spano she had seen Greene the next day at her high school, where he was serving that day as an SRO, and “asked him if the food was good that she served him.”

She said about a week later a c_greene59 sent her a Snapchat friend request and later identified himself as Officer Greene. She told officers the Snapchat conversations from Greene’s end became sexual in nature, with Greene asking her for revealing photos of herself and making sexually explicit suggestions.

“She told him that if he didn’t stop, she would block him from being able to contact her, and she did around the middle of December 2021,” the investigative report states.

The girl told investigators Greene then began showing up at her workplace and staring at her through the drive-through while she was getting his food. She said she told fellow employees and managers and that her managers told Greene not to come back because he was upsetting her.

Spano and Davis wrote that the girl’s statement about Greene being told not to come to the restaurant was the only element they found not credible. They said her other statements matched with what she told Sgt. Brian Wright in an initial recorded interview on May 21.

Statements to Sgt. Wright included that Greene “continued to try to have sex with her” through the conversations and that she “had kept this a secret because she didn’t want to get in trouble.”

Spano and Davis wrote that they found her age and immaturity “to be contributing factors to the fact that this situation continued for the length of time that it did.”

Officer Greene ‘dishonest’ during interview

Spano and Davis interviewed Greene, who had worked at GPD since 2019, on May 25. He first told them the girl had sent him a Snapchat friend request and that after recognizing her as a student from where he had worked as an SRO that day, he told her he was an SRO and couldn’t be friends with her, then deleted her from his account after just a few hours.

Davis wrote that he then told Greene he was going to send a search warrant to Snapchat and that even though messages can’t be recovered, the time contact was made and how long contact lasted can be.

“He immediately started to change his story,” Davis wrote. Greene acknowledged that even though he was almost certain she sent him a request, “he could have accidentally sent her a request using a quick add application that is part of Snapchat.”

“It was noticeable that his entire demeanor had changed,” Davis wrote, adding that Greene also said at that point the pair had communicated over a period of about two weeks as opposed to a few hours.

Greene has until June 22 to appeal his termination.