GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – The 14th annual “Scarecrows of Main” event has been getting businesses, residents and organizations ready for Halloween. What started as a tourist attraction has now become an annual favorite competition.

“I was trying to figure out something to do in the fall to get people into downtown Greeneville,” said Jann Mirkov, Executive Director of Main Street Greeneville.

Taylor Swift, E.T. and the Titanic are just some of the themes local businesses chose to do. The displays are set up all around downtown and the public has the chance to vote on their favorite. There is a total of seven categories people can vote on.

“It’s so much fun to see people walking with their children and their dogs, the displays become selfie stations and photo ops,” said Mirkov. “I can’t tell you how many children over the years I’ve seen probably have their first Halloween picture made.”

Southbound Real Estate has been participating in the event for the past 3 years. This year they decided to do an E.T.-themed display.

“I just thought it would be family-friendly,” said Donna Lynch, Real Estate Broker for Southbound. “And then one of our other affiliate brokers, she came up with the concept at the top, “E.T. buy home” and I thought, it’s perfect.”

Lynch said that Southbound decided to participate because it’s a part of the town’s Halloween spirit.

“It seems like every year you have more displays and a lot of the businesses, residents and organizations really get into it,” said Lynch. “It’s just friendly and fun.”

Each display has a number and a QR code for people to vote, and the voting period ends on Oct. 25.